Functional Annotation

Functional annotation of gene is a key task in biological sciences that characterises and uncovers associations between genes and gives insight into the biological pathways. The aim of this demonstration is to show associations between the input gene (s), diseases (cancer types) and the mutations occurring in different stages (1-4) of cancer. The platform (BIOOPENER) finds genes that are collocated with the input genes.

The above concept-map adapts/extends from the Concept-Map-Generation to develop the layout of Functional Annotation

Query Date TCGA(No of Instances) COSMIC (No of Instances) Links (owl:sameAs) Novel Outcome
11/27/2016 8424 14244 3422 (CYP2C19)
12/5/2016 8424 14244 3004 (SCN5A)
11/30/2016 8424 14244 2994 (HNF1A)